Many times, reports of killings in different states in Nigeria, leave people wondering about their safety.

Failure in infrastructure in the northeast gave birth to the dreaded Boko Haram that Nigeria has in the last eight years, spent billions of Naira on, in attempts to contain their activities.

Another threat is the unending clashes between farmers and herdsmen.

Every now and then, the National Assembly observes minutes of silence for the departed and after doing same last week because of killings in Adamawa and Borno States, the Senate is getting tired of the unending trend.


Something must be done.

After debates on the issue, an agreement was reached for a review of the nation's security infrastructure.

It was agreed that an Ad-Hoc Committee should be set up to review the security infrastructure and come up with recommendations on the way forward.  

The process of this reveiw has started with the inauguration of this committee on Thursday by the Senate President, Dr. Bukola Saraki.

After the inauguration, Dr. Saraki expressed optimism that after the review, security would improve across the nation.

“One thing is clear, where we are today in 2017, is far better than where we were in 2015. We have made a lot of progress as a country in our fight against the insurgency.

“We have done well. However, we can still do better. This is because, as long as fellow Nigerians are still losing their lives we cannot yet say that we have a clear ‘pass mark’,” he said.

There have been agitations for the establishment of state and community police, with many expressing the belief that it will improve security of lives and property in states.

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Dr. Saraki said the committee would look at the issues including calls for more funding and better technology to enhance the current state of Nigeria’s security infrastructure.

The Senate believes that the setting up of the committee would be an “opportunity for our servicemen and servicewomen, people of capacity, who might be frustrated and limited by the current inherited framework which they find themselves, to redefine and reshape the security infrastructure of Nigeria to keep our citizens safer”.

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