You may soon be paying more than 145 Naira for one litre of fuel, because of bad roads.

The Senate is asking the federal government to increase petrol price to 150 Naira and use the additional 5 Naira to fix bad roads.

The Senate Committee on Works made the recommendation on what it called a fuel levy of 5 Naira ($0.0159) per litre on imported and locally produced petrol.

However, this is still a proposal and although it has been approved by the senate on Thursday, it is still subject to debate and the House of Representatives also needs to approve the plan as well.

Raising fuel prices is always a politically sensitive issue in Nigeria especially now that many people are struggling as the economy battles recession, plus prohibitive cost of goods and services.

It is not clear how people will receive the plan. The execution of which may still depend largely on its political expediency, as the ruling party looks up for re-election in two years’ time.

The government last year increased fuel prices to 145 Naira a litre and abolished subsidy payment on fuel importation.