Taking nutritious foods play a huge role in the prevention and management of diseases like cancer, diabetes, hypertension and even malaria, a nutritionist says. 

Very many people pay less attention to nutrition, but Mr Francis Ojile, says there is the need for you to understand the power beneath the food you eat, which contributes to why people develop communicable and non-communicable diseases.

“Nutrition is so important, because it is what we need to stay healthy and alive; it is what boosts the immune system and prevents unnecessary illnesses like cancer, hypertension, malaria resulting to deaths when not managed.

“Food is a form of antioxidant, especially plant-based foods; we need to maximise the nutrients in our foods so that our system will be rejuvenated against free radicals and toxins we take in daily.

“So, there is need to make people understand the power that lies beneath the food we eat by exposing them to all the vitamins and minerals in our food, which our bodies need to stay alive and healthy.

“Good food prevents lifestyle diseases and there is power in our food; food is medicine,’’ he said.

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The nutritionist said however that people could take food supplements if they cannot meet up with the required daily food intake.

According to him, we lose 85 per cent of vitamins and minerals daily in our foods, due to poor feeding habits.

“Food supplements are equally important for foods you are not eating right, because from the purchase of your organic foods to the point of eating you have lost 85 per cent of vitamins and minerals.

“Though, you eat every day, there is nothing to supplement the nutrients that you are supposed to take in; food supplements are not drugs, but are extracted from natural resources to make up for nutrients lost,’’ the expert said.

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He urged governments, organisations and individuals to invest in nutrition by creating more awareness and partnering with experts in nutrition.

“A healthy nation begins from a healthy family; there is need for parents and teachers to be aware of the importance of nutrition so that we can bring up health and productive Nigerians,’’ Ojile said.

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