Like Samson in the Bible, Daddy Showkey does not need a haircut because his success is literally tied to his hair.

While Samson’s out-of-this world strength was tied to him never cutting his hair, Daddy Showkey has dedicated his musical success to his creator, by never letting clippers or a blade touch his dreadlocks.

So, after 26 years of keeping his own end of the agreement, the Galala dance creator says he still has not changed his mind.

“I told God that if he takes me from the ghetto to grace, I will not cut my hair again. That’s why I’m still carrying my dreadlocks. I have succeeded, so I won’t cut my hair” Showkey revealed during a recent interview on television.

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Even though Daddy Showkey’s recent songs are not as popular as the earlier ones produced in the 90’s and early 2000’s, he still plans on sticking to his vow.

“Many people do it for fashion, but I don’t do it for fashion. God has kept his side of the vow, so it is left for me to keep my part of the vow,” he said.

So do not  expect to spot Daddy Showkey at any Barber's shop, now or in the near future.

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