Singer Omawumi isn’t very happy with the Nigerian Police Force.

It looks like she was a victim of the police's stop-and-search routine, and described the uniformed officers as being “disrespectful".

The "If You Ask Me" crooner says she would have ended up being seriously hurt if she hadn’t put her foot down and known her rights.

''I’m a proud Nigerian that louds the effort of the NPF (Nigeria police force) but today I was a victim of uniformed officers that abused their office.

''If you want to stop and search, do it respectfully. I was disrespected today and if I didn’t put my foot down or I didn’t know my rights, I would have ended up seriously hurt" she tweeted.

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"We can do better by ourselves in any position we find ourselves. You owe it to your citizens to be/do better" she added.

Omawumi becomes yet another celebrity to fall victim to alleged police misbehavior, after DJ Obi accused officers of the Nigerian police of shooting at his  tire, while rapper Zoro accused policemen of shooting at him.

See her tweets below:

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