Mr. Daniel Joshua, is an indigene of Taraba state. He is 31 years old and a former N-Power graduate employee.

He does not have money in his account except the 2 months' salary that was credited by the Federal Government after he had opted out of the scheme.

Despite advises from friends to keep the money and spend it, after all it is part of our national cake, he rejected the advice and did what was right.

He withdrew the 2 months' stipend -60,000 Naira - and headed to the N-Power scheme's office. 

Joshua, who was employed as a Primary school teacher at Kaduna Lissem primary school, in Taraba, in January, disengaged from the job after working for 3 months.

He had got another job and could not spend the money he did not work for. His conscience could not allow him do so.

It was an act that the Acting President of Nigeria, Professor Yemi Osinbajo, commended and described as a story of integrity, worthy of emulation by Nigerian youths.

Joshua gave his reasons for refunding the money one of which was that he was compelled by his sound Christian moral upbringing which he could abandon because of 60,000 Naira.

Good things happen to people with good conscience.

Joshua now works for the Central Bank of Nigeria in Benin. He is from Lissem in Ussa local government area of Taraba state.

Joshua Daniel returns 60,000 N-power money.

“My Christian moral upbringing helped me to do the right thing.

“My pastor once told me that whatever weakens the conscience weakens the authority. And because I have always tried to avoid anything that will weaken my conscience, taking the decision to refund the money was not a problem.

“Although I didn’t have any money in my account at the time, the orientation from my bosses in my new employment about transparency, integrity and accountability also helped me quickly decide on the right path to take in the matter,” he told the News Agency of Nigeria on Tuesday:

Joshua, who got married in 2015 and now has a child, said some family members and friends tried to persuade him to keep the money.

“But I am happy because both my wife, mother and elder brother, encouraged me to refund the money as soon as I received the alert for the two months’ salary.

“Yes, there were some friends and family members who persuaded me to keep the money, saying it was my luck,’’ he said.

Joshua studied Economics in the Modibo Adama University of Technology, Yola.

He said: “It pays to be upright at all times.’’

He advised Nigerians, especially the youths to be upright in their daily dealings and become good ambassadors of the country.

Although Joshua left the N-Power job at the end of March, he was paid N60,000, being stipends for April and May.

He refunded the money to the coffers of the Federal Government.

The N-Power management has commended Joshua for refunding the money. A message on its official Twitter handle reads: “We are extremely proud of Daniel.