On Sunday Nigeria's popular blogger, Linda Ikeji, gave the people something to talk about.

She is pregnant and she showed off the baby bump.

The pregnancy image triggered diverse reactions and many questions were around comments about her being celibate and how come she got pregnant before her marriage.

They only heard she was engaged.


Expectant mothers love to show off baby bump and once that happens one can take a good look at what is seen, add a few other things up and tell when the baby could come.

In Linda’s case, a few facts are already certain.

In the Instagram post that announced this expectation, she sounded so sure she was going to give birth to a boy.

Her confidence about her baby being a boy could give one an insight into when the baby will come.

There are different scans and medical tests that a pregnant woman could undergo that will show the gender of a baby.

Chorionic Villus Sampling carried out to diagnose severe abnormalities that are present in the fetus could also show the gender.

But this is not what most pregnant women opt for when they want to know the sex of their baby.

Amniocentesis is another test conducted to identify other abnormalities or diseases and it is typically performed between week 16 and week 18.

It can also tell the sex of a baby. 

Linda ikeji's pregnancy week
Fetus at 27th Week Photo Credit: Baby Centre

However, one testing method that has been adopted by most modern women is the ultrasound.

It is one test that most women take from 12 weeks up.

At that stage both sexes have a genital tubercle which will turn into the penis for a boy and the clitoris for a girl.

This largely depends on the position of the baby.

According to experts, at 20 weeks an ultrasound test will show a clearer result and clears all doubts and for Linda to be so sure, the pregnancy must have exceeded its 20th week.

It is 99% accurate and in situations where the genital of the baby is hiding no result is usually issued except the lab attendant just wants to mess around. 

Another testing method is the Cell-Free Fetal DNA Blood Test, but very few women use this.  

Linda says; “to think in a few months, I'll look down at a baby and he will be mine. My own son”.

If she has few months to go, as she stated, there are chances that her pregnancy has crossed its 24th week (approaching the 7th month) and by July or early August the blogger will give birth to a baby boy.

She said the baby bump image and the other one she held a hand bag used as the featured image to this post were taken on the same day and that was in April.

On April 14 this image was first used on her Instagram page which is even more than one month ago.

And this means the news is trending over a month after her baby bump had reached that size. It's bigger now

Linda Ikeji pregnancy

Expect baby Ikeji in late July or early August. 

Humans can only predict the day a woman will give birth but God has the final say about the exact time.