It is painful when one loses their laptop to thieves or armed robbers because you lose important files in addition to losing a device you bought for some notable amount.

If you had the opportunity to bail back your laptop with 35,000 naira, you probably would jump at it but sadly, you won’t get that chance and painfully, that is how ridiculously cheap thieves sell stolen laptops.

Noah Olaniyi was recently arrested by policemen in Lagos for being part of a gang of robbers who focus on snatching laptops, apparently because there is a ready market for it.

Bounce News met with him at the Force Headquarters in Ikeja and he confessed that he indeed breaks into homes with weapons and steals laptops.

For a 22-year-old, you would expect him to be in school or learning a trade. That was the path his parents chose for him, but he abandoned his apprenticeship as an electrician due to “misunderstanding with his boss”

“My mom told me to go and beg my oga, or else I should not come to her house again, that’s why I joined the gang and started living in Akala,” he said.

If you think the mother must share in the blame, you would be right.

Perhaps her son would have been saved if she had accompanied him to his former boss to seek forgiveness, but she refused.

Arrested with Noah was the man he sells the stolen laptops to, Lukman Alao, who claimed he was not aware of the origin of the laptops.

He also had his day job as a mechanic but due to hardship in the country, he resorted to buying and selling all sorts of goods, including stolen ones.

“I regret my action, and this will never happen again,” he said remorsefully, hoping the police would ‘forgive’ him.

According to the police, they responded to a distress call at Idi-Oro Mushin, that some suspected robbers were operating within the area.

That was when Noah Olaniyi was arrested with three other men; Moshood Fatai, Segun Ajibade and Abiola Ige.

Two laptops, one tablet and three mobile phones of different brands were recovered from them and when a search warrant was executed at the receiver, Lukman Alao’s house, three additional laptops were recovered.

The suspects confessed that they were members of the same gang and mentioned one Saheed as the owner of the gun they use in their operations. The said Saheed is currently at large.

Police say investigation into the case was in progress and efforts to arrest the fleeing suspect was being intensified.

Meanwhile, one of the laptops has already been identified by its owner who had initially reported the robbery of his shop at Mushin to the police.

Lucky guy.


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