"I paid ransom. A huge amount. Forget those talks that nobody gave them anything. They collected cool cash from me and my associates as ransom".

It has almost become impossible for any person kidnapped in Nigeria not to pay ransom.

Although security operatives insist no some is paid, family members are usually quiet and have 'no comment' when the matter is raised.

Edo based musician, Osayomore Joseph, who was recently freed by his abductors, is not left out in this circumstance that our society has created.

He has been made to pay from his nose by kidnappers who held him captive for about a month.

As he narrates his ordeal, he said: “I paid huge ransom before I was released by my abductors after 30 days in captivity".

It was an October to remember for Osayomore, who was kidnapped on the 4th and was eventually released to his family on November 4th.

The popular musician said his wife was shot by his abductors before they zoomed-off with him into a forest, abutting a creek, after travelling on water.

He said the trauma he suffered during his 30-day abduction was not an experience to remember.


The song writer has reached out for his pen after he returned and had turned his experience to a song.

Forest Soldiers

He told newsmen that his experience had been put in his new album entitled “30 days and 30 nights in the evil forest” set to be launched, December 16.

The man who spent some time in an Evil Boat, said: "I was dragged through the forest close to Gelegele and taken in a boat to a creek.

"I have never stepped into a boat before. The speed boat on the high sea is enough to give me high blood pressure.

"The kidnappers called themselves forest soldiers. Those who came to kidnap me did not know me.

"It was when I got to the creek that some learned ones started singing my old songs. They did not know that I started fighting before they were born.

"They may have overestimated me that I am very rich. They collected money from me.

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"I will not mention the amount, but it is colossal. That will not deter me from doing what I know how to do best.

"I did not know I will come back alive. I later know I will not die there when they started asking for money.

"The ransom was collected on the high sea. They called the boat that brought the ransom money Freedom Boat. I was on an Evil Boat

"After they brought the bags containing huge sums of money, the kidnappers checked them and that was how I came back".

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