On Thursday, November 23, Lagosians woke up to meet the news that the Lagos state Police Public Relations Officer had been changed.

A new name emerged, and he is SP Chike Godwin Oti.

The Commissioner of Police officially presented him to the media on Friday at the office of the Crime Reporters Association of Nigeria in Ikeja.

He said the words expected of a new police image maker, he asked for cooperation, he promised to always be available, he promised to be truthful, quick, up-to-date and so on and so forth.

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But then, we can imagine you are saying 'talk is cheap' and we can’t blame Nigerians for taking words from police and politicians with a pinch of salt.

Fast-forward to few hours after this event, Bounce News correspondent was driving out of the GRA Ikeja and spotted a spectacle that caught his attention.

With the rains dropping heavily, there he was in the rain, with his cap off alongside his assistants taking over the job of controlling traffic at the Isaac John junction.

The newly installed Lagos State Police PRO cared less about the rain or the fact that he had younger officers to do the dirty job.

No force, no koboko flogging, no smashing of side mirrors, no shouting. He remained courteous and spoke gently to motorists to the admiration of even the area boys.

Let’s just say the new man understands that Police Public Relations is beyond talk, press releases and pasting “Bail Is Free” on the wall.

But how well and how long this department of the police can present themselves like this to the public in another issue.

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If other policemen and officers on the roads will learn from behaviours like Mr Oti’s is also another thing we cannot be sure of.

One thing we are sure of is that if this is the new image the Lagos police wants to sell to Lagosians, then one would expect that they are in for many successes.


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