Members of the Redeemed Christian Church Of God, City of Refuge, Akowonjo branch went to church to pray, but while they spoke to God, their phones disappeared from their bags.

While some people prayed with their eyes closed, others had their eyes fixed on mobile phones.

That is the story of two members of the Redeemed Christian Church, City of Refuge Parish, Akowonjo, Lagos State.

Their phones were stolen while they were asleep after the vigil in the church.

Their unit held a vigil in the church and after the vigil, they slept on the chairs while charging their phones.

On waking up later in the morning, they found their phones missing with only their chargers starring at them like orphans.

Another incident was experienced in another church in the area after the phones and i-pad of the parish pastor were stolen from the church office while he was on the pulpit.

The pastor had left the gadgets in the office before leaving for the church auditorium, only for him to return to the office and discover that his gadgets had magically developed wings and flown away.

Obviously, the robbers had no respect for the anointed.

These are just a few cases of theft experienced in various churches around Akowonjo area of Lagos state.

Church members now attend services with extra caution as they do not want to fall victim.

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Ralph Adejoba, the administrator of City of Refuge Church, Akowonjo, told Bounce News that the church has taken drastic measures to curb the trend.

Adejoba said, "We have increased the number of security personnel and also installed CCTVs both inside and outside the church.

"Since these measures were taken, there has been no incidence of theft in the church."

The church administrator of Living God Mission, Akowonjo, said that the church has also increased their security personnel and bought search gadgets.

He said members have been advised to be vigilante and report any suspicious movement in or outside church premises to the security post.

"This is the House of God and anyone desecrating it is incurring His wrath."