Nollywood actor and musician, Charles Okocha, popularly called Igwe 2Pac says that he is a virus, and anything he does becomes viral.

But what's more interesting it that one of his recent viral accomplishments on Instagram ‘Haters Shove It Up You’re a**, was actually inspired by a fan.

He made this known in a recent interview with Bounce News.

“There is this guy who wrote me on Instagram, he went about saying that I am feeling too big, and that I was going to America for the first time. It pained me the way he said it. I blocked the guy. The guy now wrote me from another Instagram page and said he was just trying to get my attention” he said.

He further said that it was not planned, but came to him naturally like his other viral hit, ‘Amoshine’.

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“I walked out through the door and it just hit me. If you remember the first time I uploaded ‘Haters Shove It Up you’re a**’ when I was in the United States.

"I just said ‘All You people going to artists pages/you don’t know what we go through to put smile on your faces, and to you haters out there, shove it up your a**/Get off, shove it up your a**/I am heading to the top, shove it up your a**’ As I sang I was demonstrating I just did what I did, some people say that I am a virus” he told Bounce News.

Presently, like in the case of ‘Amoshine’, he has recorded a single for ‘Haters shove it up you’re a**’ and will be shooting a video for the song in the United States.

The ‘Haters Shove It Up Your A**’ bug has since bitten celebrities like Toke Makinwa, Anita Joseph and Chioma ‘Chigurl’ Omeruah.


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