Facebook had become a major tool for scammers popularly called Yahoo boys in Nigeria, but all that is changing and many of them are losing their fake accounts. 

Prior to this time, anyone could look at your profile, and steal your pictures just to reuse them for a fresh fake Facebook account used for fraudulent activities. 

Scammers saw this loophole and took advantage of it.

Pictures of persons (whites and blacks) have been stolen and reused at will by these scammers, who concoct all sort of stories to defraud people online and they have defrauded many people, blacks and white alike. 

The trend had brought so much report to the social network, forcing it to begin to look at making it hard for people to reuse images already used for an account on Facebook or persons in a group picture on Facebook. 

This gave birth to further security features added to every individual's account. 


Yahoo boys are now finding it hard to reuse pictures that have been used on Facebook for fresh fake accounts and this has forced some of them off the social network. 

In fighting these scammers, Facebook finds photos you are in but have not been tagged and then ensures you are tagged. This stops the possibility of another individual using the picture for a fake account. 

This security measure is set automatically by the social network for every account and except the individual turns it off, it remains active. 

Here is a message from Facebook about how this security measure checks scam. 

How Facebook secures pictures of users against sca

Several times, some Yahoo boys have opened fresh Facebook accounts with stolen pictures, only for them to notice they are blocked in few days once the social network scans the images and finds a match using an older account.  

This has forced many of them out of the social network. 

Don't Fall Victim Of This Trend 

This Facebook security measures, however, has given birth to more local scammers like you will find some Facebook accounts with profile pictures of persons wearing Customs uniform, offering you car auction opportunities. 

Don't fall victim of this scam.

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Another increasing trend is hacking of Facebook account and this is why you should also set your Facebook account to send a code to your mobile number which you must enter before you can sign into your account. 

You have a role to play in stopping scams.