He stood and performed few weeks ago in Ubulu Okiti, a community in Delta State, during the burial of a former Councillor from the village, J.C. Ifeadi, and everyone was excited.

Little did the crowd that was cheering him know that by Saturday, June 10, the man from Onicha Olona, Delta State, will end his journey here on earth.

Ras Kimono's death at age 60, to some persons, was a thing of surprise while to few others, it was not.

Reports about his death stated that the legendary reggae artiste died a day after he slumped.

Bounce News asked a public health specialist with the Lagos University Teaching Hospital, Dr. Eze Ugochukwu, what the major causes of slumping were.

“So many things could be responsible for slumping, but most times it could be a heart attack.

“Uncontrolled hypertension and sometimes some people throw up what we call embolus, a kind of a fat cell that forms when people travel for a long time maintaining a particular position.

“It is released in the blood and it can block some arteries in the heart or the lungs.

“These are the major vessels that supply blood to the heart or the lungs,” he added.

One of the result of that is slumping. 

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Dr. Ugochukwu also highlighted that obesity could trigger blockage of arteries that could then trigger heart issues.

Anyone that understands what obesity is, will know that Ras Kimono was obese and that could have caused his heart to feel overwhelmed.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has continued to warn that obesity is becoming a major cause of preventable diseases, but people seem to maintain a certain lifestyle that promotes obesity.

Dr. Ugochukwu stressed that every individual should ensure they go for regular check-up and then maintain a weight that does not exceed the recommended Body Max Index.

“People should exercise regularly and then check intake of fatty foods.

“Those that are hypertensive should also take their medications as recommended,” the doctor said.  

But the question is, how long can an individual maintain a lifestyle of drug intake just to keep the blood pressure low?

Watch your weight and eat healthy.

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