Anuoluwapo Babatunde is a little girl, but she could tell her Christmas would be exciting.

Her mother, Tolulope Babatunde, spent weeks getting her ready for a programme tagged "Mama and I Runway Show" organised to encourage more bonding between husband and wife and then between parents and children.

It was held in Mindscapes Children's Museum in one of the expensive areas of Lagos State, Lekki Phase 1.   

The little girl had spent days practicing at home, mastering what her response would be when some questions are asked and how she would walk when she struts the runway.

She could not wait for the day to come.  


Anu is 5 years old and she seemed quite prepared to have fun and compete.

Anuoluwapo and her mother were among the families that were contesting in the runway show and they were fourth to strut the runway.

She knew she must not be shy, but she was not aware a mascot would show up on D-Day.

Dora had come to the show, though invited, but dressed as a mascot. Anu could not recognise her clearly and this Dora seemed to draw fright instead.

Clara mascot
Dora playing with some children

Her confidence left, as the situation triggered fun and laughter for those watching.

It was getting more exciting for parents who had taken out time to unwind and bond at a time of celebration.

Who says parents do not like such environments?  

It took the intervention of the MC, who asked Dora to leave the area for Anuoluwapo to concentrate.

She became vibrant and went down to business.

Mama and I runway show
Anuoluwapo stares at Dora (mascot)

Her answers to simple questions on her name, class and a few other things were swift, but she threw everyone off balance again when the MC asked her what she would want to be in future.

“Sofia,” the little girl confidently said, referring to a cartoon character - “Princess Sofia” in Sofia the First – which she enjoys on pay TV.

It was fun as other children had a lot to play with while bonding with their parents.

Some of these children forced their shy parents to hit the runway and smile for the cameras.

Mama and I runway show
Dancing time for mother and child

The programme was put together by two mom bloggers, Jayne Augoye the founder of FABMUMNG and Modupe Eyinla, the founder of iMumZone.

Mrs Augoye said her target was to make families bond in safe and fun environment.

It was also an avenue for people to network, as most women present were entrepreneurs and professionals in their fields.

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One of them, a breastfeeding expert, asked New Age mums to practice the recommended 6 months baby-friendly breastfeeding period. 

“Our target is to celebrate the bond between mothers and their children and to reinforce the need for family bonding especially during the yuletide.

"There is no outright winner, as we have differnt categories to ensure that everyone is a winner,” Mrs Augoye said.

It was the maiden edition of the event and she said there were plans for more of such experiences. 

The children were also taken round Mindscapes Children’s Museum, which is Nigeria’s premiere Children’s museum that provides carefully designed and dynamic spaces, exhibits and programmes to stimulate informal learning experiences for children in science, the arts and history.

Say hello to the Yummy Mummies in the pictures below:

Mama and I runway showMama and I runway show
Mama and I runway show
Mama and I runway show
mama and I runway show