Football is an interesting game and Nigeria is where it gets most interesting. Argue all you can. 

How will you explain the fact that Nike is trending on Twitter because of Nigeria's Super Eagles' world cup jersey? 

Yes, there is so much buzz on the internet about the jersey, but the contrast in the issue is what makes it most interesting. 

Nigeria super eagles jersey by nike causing troubl

In Nigeria, there have been reports about the jersey going for as much as 40,000 Naira and many Nigerians are wondering if buying the Nike jersey will ensure they sit in a Russian stadium to watch all Super Eagles matches. 

Some have said the cost is their three months salary. SAD!

While many in Nigeria are shouting that it is too expensive, in London the reverse is the case.

There is a long queue outside the Nike shop in central London, the kind you see at fuel stations or at BRT park in Lagos in the early hours of the morning or after work hours. 

Nigeria super eagles jersey by nike causing troubl

While so many were still waiting in the queue for their turn to buy the beautiful Nike jersey, a shocking news came. "The jersey is sold out."

It is sad, but it further makes something very obvious about the nation, Nigeria. 

This again highlights how much impact the nation's population will have on any business and it also emphasises the fact that Nigeria is an an investment destination for anyone who wants to capture Africa's market.

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The unique jersey had received high rating few weeks after it was unveiled and that rating has continued, with many people wanting to wear it. 

Even though nothing spectacular came out from the game against Democratic Republic of Congo when the Super Eagles wore that jersey last for a friendly football match, people are still in love with it. That game ended 1-1.

Business is burbling for people who could make the inferior design and they are already smiling to the bank. Some tweets on Twitter are indicating this. 

nigeria super eagles jersey by nike causing troubl
Nigeria nike jersey causing trouble

While some lament the outrageous price that makes the original Nike jersey not affordable for millions of Nigerians, some persons are asking Nike to understand how to offer Nigerians what they need by making a version of the Jersey that could be affordable, considering the standard of living in the oil-rich nation. 

Others are further insisting that the government and the economy of Nigeria should take the blame for the high price and not Nike. Hmmmm.

Everyone shares from this situation apparently, but the China and Aba designers may end up making more money than Nike in this jersey matter.