Residents of Ondo State are currently not only living in fear but have become suspicion of one another as carriers of the incurable HIV.

This is coming on the heels of recent revelation by the Director-General of the National Agency for the Control of Aids, Dr. Sani Aliu, that not less than 81, 481 residents of the state are living with the Human Immunodeficiency Virus.

Dr. Aliu revealed this at the palace of Osemawe of Ondo Kingdom in Ondo State.

"Based on spectrum estimate, we have 81,481 persons that are living with HIV in Ondo State as at 2017.

"Out of this figure, 10,000 persons are on treatment, including 2,783 pregnant women and the estimate for new HIV infection is 5,439." He said.

The news has rattled many residents of the state who called on government to direct the agency to begin routine HIV test across the state.

A group of youths under the aegis of Youth Sensitization Movement maintained that if nothing is done urgently to arrest the situation, the state is sitting on a keg of gunpowder.

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"This is a nagging revelation that call for urgent response from the state government. As things stand, everyone is a suspect and there is no one to trust anymore. Not even your wife or members of your family.

"So the best way to allay people's fear right now is for the state government to direct it's agency to begin a compulsory HIV test across the state." Said the group leader, Olumide Abiodun

A student of one of the public secondary school in Akure disclosed how one of their female students was rumuored to have died of HIV/AIDS recently.

"We realized she was getting lean and had not been active in school for sometimes. All of a sudden, she stopped coming to school.

"We heard she was sick and after like two months she stopped coming to school, the news broke that she's dead. It was later, the rumour went round that she had been on HIV drug for a long time." Said the student who did not want to be mentioned.

Investigation shows that the matter has become a topical discourse in the state while many were caught in a web of confusion over the certainty of their status.

The survey was confirmed to be the largest HIV survey population in Nigeria and it's supported globally.

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