The price of rice in Nigeria has fallen from about 21,000 Naira in the first quarter of this year to about 14,000 Naira in December, despite ban on importation of the commodity.

And this is simply because more rice has been produced locally than the average consumption requirement of Nigeria’s population.

On Sunday, rice farmers told reporters that they produced 15 million metric tonnes of rice in 2017.

This is more than Nigeria’s population rice requirement of seven million metric tonnes annually.

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"We produce 15 million metric tons of rice and Nigerians can only consume six to seven million metric tons. We produce excess and we can export the remaining ones to some African countries.

"We have about 85 million hectares of land out of it about six to seven million hectares can be used to cultivate rice that can feed Nigerians.

"As farmers, we make Nigeria rice available to Nigerians, we urge Nigerians to look inwards and start patronising made in Nigeria rice,” said Deputy National Vice President, Rice Farmers Association of Nigeria, Segun Atho while speaking at Nigeria Rice ceremony held in Lagos.

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