Phyno is one of the most popular indigenous rappers in the country. 

Not only does he command a large followership of fans, he is also arguably one of the richest artistes around.

Not much is however known about his love life as the artiste rarely flaunts women, and unlike many of his colleagues who have baby mamas.

In a chat, the rapper spoke about the type of lady he fancies. 

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He said, “On the surface, I like a girl who is beautiful. But I cannot stand a lousy girl. I like someone who is industrious and can think for herself. 

"For me, it is more about the person’s character and not the physical qualities; that can fade away at any time.”

On why not much has been heard about his love life, he said, “My love life is private to me and it shouldn’t be a topic for public discussion. 

"As a celebrity, there are a few things about me that are not out there already, but I still strive to keep certain things private. I am not one to bare it all on social media.”