A London-based design company wants to purge you of any heartbreak as you prepare for Valentine's day.

So, they are offering their patrons the chance to walk all over your ex's face before, during and even after Valentine's day.

All the company needs is a picture  of the heart breaker and the folks at Bompas & Parr will print the offending image onto a pair of specially designed insoles.

The company explains that the concept is drawn form the Greco-Roman Period when Ancient Egyptians would have portraits of their nemesis' drawn on the soles of their shoes to "subjugate and demean their enemies".

The idea is to give the wearer of the customized shoe insole is to give the person a psychological boost, to make them ready for their next relationship, believing that Valentine offers the opportunity for new love.

The insole costs £10 which translates to about N5,011.

in sole