Popular Ugandan socialite and model, Judith Heard, is cooling her heels in police custody for showing too much skin.

She was arrested by authorities in Uganda over her nude photos which were leaked back in May. 

She was arrested on Tuesday at Kampala city streets and taken to the Kampala Central Police, after she failed to report herself despite summons made by the police.

“We had summoned her twice but she had adamantly refused to honour the summons. We decided to trace for her and we got her today. She has recorded a statement and we have her in our cells,” a police investigator who preferred anonymity said.

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The investigator said Heard is the third person to be arrested over leaked nudes since a General Enquiries File (GEF 28/2018) was opened in June on orders of the anti-pornography desk at the Ethics ministry.

Police said two more socialites, Don Zella and Jack Pemba’s arrest warrants were issued. 

The official also added that three people including a Uganda Christian University (UCU) student, Lillian Rukundo and blogger Ashburg Kato, were arrested in July and have since been charged and remanded.

See more nude photos of Judith Heard below.

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