They say ‘Awoof No Dey Run Belle’ sometimes.

With a new TV station and Movie streaming app, Entertale, created by Nigerians - Bamidele Adetayo and Suleiman Nadabo; Africans can now enjoy more TV content on their mobile phones for free.

Nadabo explained that the web service, which solely focuses on TV, allows users to also rent movies based on their interests.

He said that users would also get notifications on what their friends were watching as part of efforts to build a community.

You can follow and chat with them in real time.

In the App is a feature called “Co-Play’’ which give users the options to watch movies they rent with friends irrespective of location.

“Using the App is like watching television in an alternate reality where you do not recognize any of the shows, while evolving a new space that has been lacking in the African entertainment industry.

“Cord cutting’ might be getting another kin but this time it is driven with a social experience – a free service that mimic the cable box with Internet channels instead of traditional ones and cinematic experience.

“The app is still in its web versions where much of the content comes from YouTube; in its movie model cases, Entertale also makes direct content deals with big independent studios to access their latest library,” Nadabo said.

We would soon says bye-bye to the television box as we know it.