There is tension at the birthplace of Jesus Christ hours before the birthday of the Christian messiah.

And this is because of America’s strong man, President Donald Trump.

You see, on 6 December, President Trump took a decision to recongnise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, against International resolution on the status of the city.

Jerusalem had been under contention for centuries between Israel and Palestine. And so, when Trump made the announcement, it elicited condemnation in Arab world including demonstrations and clashes.

The birthplace of Jesus, Bethlehem happened to be one of the places where these protests spread to, because it is in the Palestine region and Israel is said to be occupying it by force.

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Christians are supposed to mark the birth of Jesus at a midnight mass today but there is tension in the area because of that Trump’s decision.

Bethlehem is normally flooded by tourists at this time of year, but this time, reports say the place appeared almost empty of visitors because of nearby clashes between Palestinian protesters and the Israeli army who are keeping people away.

Archbishop Pierbattista Pizzaballa, apostolic administrator of the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, said “dozens” of groups had pulled out of planned visits after being scared off by the announcement and subsequent violence.

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