There is one thing that terrorists do and that is to kill and destroy, pushing forward a course they are pursuing. 

They have for over 8 years pushed for the establishment of an Islamic State and an end to Western education in the northeast of Nigeria, but President Muhammadu Buhari has a different way he identifies them. 

Most videos of terrorists that have been made public, showed men who shoot or kill and still shout Allahu Akbar, which is an Arabic phrase  meaning ‘God is most great’. 

But the Nigerian leader does not believe that people who say that word and still kill are religious people. 

On Tuesday, President Buhari met with the leadership of Qadiriyya Islamic Movement in Africa at the State House, and he told the Muslim leaders that they have a duty to promote the principles and tenets of Islam as a religion of peace and justice. 

In that meeting held in Abuja, he emphasised that the time has come for religious leaders in Nigeria to assist the government to overcome forces of destruction by turning their mosques and churches to places of enlightening their followers to guard against religious extremism and terrorism.

Identifying who a terrorists truly is in his special way, President Buhari said those who indoctrinate children and plant explosives on them to harm innocent people do not belong to any religion but were "terrorists who should be identified and fought until they give up their evil ways".

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President Buhari, who commended the Qadiriyya movement for promoting education, interfaith dialogue and good moral conduct in the society, expressed support for the proposed Islamic Centre in Abuja by the movement.

The leader of the Qadiriyya in Africa, Sheikh Qaribullah Kabara, had congratulated the President on his emergence as his party’s candidate for the 2019 election.

He also commended the President on the achievements of his administration since coming into office, saying he had noticed the diversification of the economy, increased power supply and food sufficiency.

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