Drug abuse can simple be explained as taking medications against the doctors’ prescriptions. But it goes beyond that.

When you take any substance to get ‘high’, you are also abusing regulations that guide the use of these substances.

When you take overdose of a particular drug to make you feel better, your act is also classified as an abuse.

Drug abuse has destroyed countless lives and ruined millions of potentially great people, especially youths.

In Nigeria, millions of young people are hooked on several kinds of hard drugs.

That is why the lawmakers at the Nigerian Senate are developing two new bills to help tackle the menace.

The bills are coming as the outcome of the round-table convened by the President of the Senate, Bukola Saraki, in December 2017 in Kano.

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The proposed bills are: National Drug Control Bill and National Mental Health Bill.

A statement by the Media Office of the President of the Senate said the Drug Control Bill seeks to clarify the mandate and strengthen the capacity of National Drug Law Enforcement Agency and the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration Control to eradicate the illicit production and trafficking of controlled substances.

It also seeks to establish a central mechanism to facilitate collaboration among law enforcement, regulatory and public health authorities.

In addition, the bill could criminalise the diversion, distribution or otherwise dispensing of controlled substances without a prescription or license.

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