Between 1995 and 2002, the Nigerian government over-deducted lots of money from state governments as it tried to repay the huge sums it borrowed from Paris Club.

The states are broke and the federal government has began returning some of the money to allow state authorities breathe easy pay outstanding bills.

A part of the money was released in May.

And on Tuesday, another tranche worth 243.8 billion naira was released to the state.

A breakdown of the payment showed that Abia got N5.72 billion, Adamawa N6.11 billion, Akwa Ibom N10 billion, Anambra N6.12 billion, Bauchi N6.88 billion, Bayelsa N10 billion, Benue N6.85 billion, and Borno N7.34 billion.

Others include: Cross River, which got N6.08 billion, Delta N10 billion, Ebonyi N4.51 billion, Edo N6.09 billion, Ekiti N4.77 billion, Enugu N5.36 billion, Gombe N4.47 billion,  Imo N7 billion, Jigawa N7.11 billion, and Kaduna N7.72 billion.

Kano got N10 billion, Katsina N8.2 billion, Kebbi N5.98 billion, Kogi N6.03 billion, Kwara N5.12 billion, Lagos N8.37 billion, Nasarawa N4.55 billion, Niger N7.2 billion, and Ogun N5.7 billion.

The others were Ondo N7 billion, Osun N6.3 billion, Oyo N7.9 billion, Plateau N5.64 billion,  Rivers N10 billion, Sokoto N6.44 billion, Taraba N5.61 billion, Yobe N5.41 billion, Zamfara N5.44 billion, and the Federal Capital Territory N684 million.

Excuse me Mr. Governor, please pay salaries being owed, remember the pensioners and invest some in infrastructure... that's all!