How much does your state owe foreign creditors?

If you are a Lagosian, or from Edo or Kaduna states, your state has one of the highest foreign debt liabilities in the country.

Lagos State, with the reputation of having the biggest economy in Nigeria, is also the highest debtor to foreign creditors in the country.

According to statistics from the Debt Management Office, DMO, Kaduna and Edo states are among the top three, going by their external borrowings.

With a foreign debt of $1.47 billion, Lagos is the only state with external debt of over $1 billion, as its proportion of the total $4.12 billion owed by the states to external creditors is 35.68%.

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Kaduna State, owes a total of $238.28 million, while Edo owes $232.2 million.

Other top debtors among the states include Cross River, with external debt of $167.92 million; Enugu, $133.11 million; Bauchi, $109.83 million; and Ogun, $107.45 million.

Some of the least indebted states of the federation are Borno, $22.59 million; Taraba, $26.56 million; Yobe, $29.56 million; Plateau, $30.07 million; Kogi, $33.03 million; Jigawa, $33.5 million; Federal Capital Territory, $33.72 million; Zamfara, $34.83 million; and Benue, $35.5 million.

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