Chidiebere Onwumere learnt a very important lesson, loving your neighbor could come at a steep price.

He spent 2 years in prison after volunteering to take his sick neighbor to hospital.

After the neighbor died, family members of the deceased accused him of murder.

While narrating his ordeal after his release from Nigerian prisons in Afara, Umuahia, Abia state; he was full of praise to God for vindicating him after two years of paying for a crime he knew nothing about.

Chidebere explained that sometime in 2016, he went to harvest and process palm fruits only to see his neighbor lying on the floor.

So, he decided to assist her to the hospital with the help of other neighbors, since none of her relatives were around.

At the hospital Chidiebere claims that the doctor said that she had overdosed on an illegal substance, but assured them that he would treat her.

"The next morning Mr Promise the elder brother to the deceased, arrived the hospital and insisted on taking her away to another hospital against the doctor’s advice, but he insisted and took her to an unknown destination.

"After a few days Promise came back to our compound and took me to World Bank police station Aba where he handed me over to the police claiming that I beat her sister to death”. He narrated.

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Promise will later bring a murder charge against Chidebere and he was arraigned and had been in custody since June 2016.

“If not for Barrister Jerry Uzosike who God used to vindicate and bring me out of prison today, I do not know what would have happened to me”. He said.

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