The unemployment rate in Nigeria is hitting the roof and there is no state that is free from it.

Sometimes oil-rich states suffer more because of mismanagement of resources and corruption.

Bayelsa is one of such states blessed with oil, but unemployment is also high there. 

On Saturday, the office of the Independent National Electoral Commissioner (INEC) was busy with activities and any passer-by would think registration of voters was ongoing there. 

But it was a crowd of applicants that had gathered at the gate of the electoral body at Onopa in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State.

They had come to submit application forms for the position of ad-hoc staff in the forth-coming general elections.

They cursed and pulled each other's clothes, as they tried to submit their forms. Orderliness was lost in their midst, as desperation to get the job had taken hold of their hearts. 

"Madam comot for here, I go blow you o! l was here before you," a man told a lady.  

"Abuse me well you hear?

"l blame poverty for bringing us together today,"  the lady responded.

So they bickered like children despite efforts to calm them down.

''Why are they fighting over this job?'', one would ask.

INEC office in Yenagoa where applicants gathered o

An applicant, Miss Ebibo Etisi told Bounce News that working as an lNEC staff during elections was a lucrative job.

She added that the requirement for the application included: admission letter of any tertiary institution, a hand-written application letter and a passport photograph.

"I have done the job before.

"We received money for a job well done from different political parties. Why do you think we are hustling for this job?" she asked.

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Her response could explain the reason the fight and shout had continued at the gate which had become a place of hope.  

Another applicant, a pregnant woman, who simply identified herself as Doris, revealed that she had participated during the last recruitment interview organised by the State government.

"I have lost hope in that one.

"I need this lNEC job so l can feed for a while," she said.

When Bounce News asked the applicants whether they had their voters cards, most of them said they did not. 

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