The Social Democrats Party, SDP are not showing any trait of a party that should be taken seriously few days before the much-awaited national polls.

While the party has its own Presidential candidate (even though they may be in court), a surprise announcement was made by the National Executive Committee, NEC that the SDP has now endorsed President Muhammadu Buhari of the APC for the February 16 election.

However, in a television interview monitored by Bounce News, the recognized SDP Presidential candidate, Donald Duke said the announcement by the NEC is not a reflection of wishes and aspiration of the majority of party members but simply the position of a ‘frustrated’ few.

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“Most of the folks in my party (SDP) are against the status quo, they want credible alternatives and not just being stuck between A or B, so they were disappointed to hear that the NEC of the party has chosen to endorse Buhari” Duke stated

The former Cross Rivers governor said he would not be stepping down but press forward in his Presidential bid regardless of the endorsement.

“I am not campaigning within the party , the nation is my audience now, I have my name on the ballot paper and I am going on with the elections regardless of the endorsement made by a few people,” Duke reaffirmed.

Asked just how far he can go in areas like having party agents at polling booths, Duke said he was well prepared before now.

“We have all that arranged, we are ready for the election long before now, I am not depending on the party for all that” Duke stated.


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