Touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm is a common scripture to Christians and the potency of this scripture was proved in Bayelsa's capital city, Yenagoa. 

In the cool of the morning on Monday, a man whom people said was not mentally stable, yet preaches, gave his life to save a cultist. 

The preacher is yet to be identified. 

Chochima, a popular cult lord in Bayelsa, who had, like Nigerian politicians, defected from the Icelander Cult to the Greenlander cult, had lost touch with what the scriptures says about touching God's anointed and decided to pull a trigger at a preacher. 

Defections in cult groups are uncommon phenomenons, but Chochima was able to pull it and battled against members of his former cult group. 

His gang had succeeded in robbing people in Swali market and were confronted by members of the Icelander. 

He was on the verge of killing one of them when the preacher, in his desire to save the soul of the cult member from perishing, approached the Chochima, who was trigger friendly, asking him to desist from his evil ways and accept Jesus Christ as his Lord. 

He was a distraction to the cultist, resulting in the escape of his perceived enemy who was just in his target a few seconds ago. 

In anger, the cultist killed the preacher, going against the scriptures and apparently making people mock God over why it was possible for a preacher, perceived as holy, to die by the gun.

Heaven responded.  

Not too long from the time, Chochima died and the mystery behind his death showed that there was a superior orchestration. 

Members of different cults in Bayelsa State are consistently at war are diabolic. Walking in the street was a delicate thing to do without any form of protection. So, they have all sorts of charms to keep them safe from being killed by the rival cult members with gun of even machete.

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Most of them, Bounce News learnt, lick iron that had been prepared specially with a charm before they leave their homes to protect them, and Chochima must have performed the ritual the morning before he left for the robbery. A little wonder police officials run when they come around. 

cultists kill preacher in Bayelsa

His confidence in responding to his cult members when they warned him and demanded that they should leave the market through the back exit after he killed the preacher showed he had trusted in the arm of flesh - his charm and the gun he had. 

Blood was flowing out from the preacher's head, as a result of the gun injury. His lifeless body laid on the floor in the market. 

Like the blood of Abel cried to God after Cain killed him, the preacher's blood was apparently performing same. 

Chochima had reached the front gate alone and was confronted by members of Icelander again. 

He began to fight with one of them without making attempt to shoot him, apparently aware that his opponent would have a voodoo that would make killing him with a gun impossible. 

He was in that fight with the member of Icelander when another member of the Icelander came from behind and shot him. 

Chochima died instantly. 

Many people in the market said it was God's judgement that came upon Chochima, who had no regards for the man who had asked that he should quit his evil act to stay alive. 

The sad incident again showed the alarming rate of killing in Bayelsa, as a result of cult war requires drastic action by security agencies. 

Who says scriptures do not manifest or that God does not keep His words? 

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