Impunity that is unchecked by the law has a way of making people play dirty on the streets.

When parents send their children to school, they expect that discipline should be part of what they acquire.

But an incident in Osogbo, leaves one in worry of what the children are actually learning.

This incident leaves one with one question: Do they learn from parents or from their environment?

Two schools - St. Charles High School and Ifeoluwa Government Middle School and Ifeoluwa Government Middle School - have engaged in a bloody clash over alleged extortion by some students of Ifeoluwa School.

Many students sustained varying degrees of injuries after the brawl on Friday.

There was pandemonium at the school premises as teachers and students ran helter-skelter in order not to be caught in the web of the violence.

The students were said to have used dangerous weapons like cutlasses, axes and clubs freely on themselves.

Bounce News gathered that the fracas was a reprisal attack which started at about midday on Friday. No fewer than two students were said to be seriously injured while several others fled the school.

According to a student of St Charles simply identified as Alfa, the "students of Ifeoluwa had gone to hire the students from both Baptist High School and Ansar-ud-deen High School to unleash trouble on us.

"As we were moving towards the mosque, we saw some people who dressed in mufti and they came with cutlass, axe and other weapons to fight us.

"The issue actually started on Wednesday when a student of Ifeoluwa who has been severally caught extorting money from students of St. Charles was cautioned by us but his brother threatened us on that day and he attempted to wreak havoc on students yesterday".

Another student form St. Charles said "Baale and one other guy have been injured by Olamide (pointing to a guy in black shirt at the center of the scene)".

One of the teachers said they ran for their lives from the schools when they sensed the trouble.

This is not the first time that such a bloody clash would be happening among the students of both schools, the teacher highlighted, urging the state government to strengthen the security of the state public schools to avoid repetition of such attacks.