Science students in Nigeria (drug abusers) who use Tramadol to get high, are about to lose some tablets valued at 198 billion Naira to destruction. 

Tablets worth that amount imported into Nigeria were impounded recently by the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) and now they are going down the drain. 

The Director-General of the agency, Professor Moji Adeyeye, on Sunday, announced the plan to destroy the drug that is widely abused by youths in a speech at an event held in Abuja to commemorate her one year in office.

She said that the drug would be burnt.

She told reporters that NAFDAC had in the last one year, destroyed sub-standard and falsified medicines, unsafe drugs and unwholesome food and chemicals worth 3 billion Naira.

Adeyeye said that with the support of the Presidency, National Security Adviser’s office and sustained awareness campaign on the implications of NAFDAC’s absence at the ports, the agency returned to the ports in May, 2018.

“The agency seized and destroyed sub-standard and falsified medicines and unsafe drugs worth 3 billion Naira, including unwholesome foods and other unregulated products, in the last one year.

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“We intercepted and destroyed 25 containers of Tramadol worth 1.7 billion Naira.

“There is a plan underway to destroy more than 30 containers of Tramadol and other unregistered products worth 198 billion Naira.

“Three persons involved in the distribution of the banned Tramadol have been arraigned at the Federal High Court in Lagos,” she said.

Again, the relationship of substance abuse and crime was highlighted by the NAFDAC boss, saying that if the impounded drug had infiltrated Nigerian markets, it would have caused a national security issue as youths addicted to the substance would have taken to violent crimes, including armed robbery and insurgency.

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