What do you think?

Verse 1:

Ogendegbe, ire ni ko moye (Ogedengbe, You are the one that does not know)

Isale eko, e no dey for Maley(Isaleko is not Malaysia)

Brother onitafi, se’we ni wo wa we(Brother Onitafi, is it leaf you came to wrap?)

Asiri eko, oti tu loju ewe(The secret of corn starch, is opened in the presence of a leaf)


Kosewe, kosegbo, kosewe, kosegbo(No leaves, No Herbs)
Kosewe, kosegbo, kosewe, kosegbo ((No leaves, No Herbs)

Won ti po’mi gutter po, oju ti dirty(They have mixed gutter water, the eye is dirty)

Won ti po chemical po, awon mo science students(They have mixed chemicals, science students)

Verse 2:

Ozone layer ti be, asiri tu (Ozone layer  has burst, the secret is open)

Eruku ti poju, asiri tu(Too much smoke, the secret is open)

Afefe fe atiri furo mother nature(Wind has blown, and we have seen the buttocks of mother nature)

Gobe ti sele asiri tu (Trouble has happened, the secret is open)

Ganiya se wo mo’n wo lo kan yi, iwo omo ti mummy ran lo s’Harvard( Ganiya are you not the one I am looking at over there?, You this child that your mummy sent to Havard)

Khadija se wo mo’n wo lo kan yi, iwo omo ti mummy ran lo s’Harvard (Khadija are you not the one I am looking at over there?, You this child that your mummy sent to Havard)

Ore mi(My friend), you dey okay, you dey alright are you really sure.

Tori bo se’n gbese yi, e dey wavy lai se Frank Ocean(The way you are carrying your leg, it is wavy, when you are not Frank Ocean)

Khadija so’ra e di Cardi B, o fa sisha bi Sango kaba le ri bi(Khadija has turned herself to CardiB, smoking Sisha like Sango, so that we can actually see her)

Eluku mede mede, tramadol lo’n mu bi tonic water yi(Eluku small, small, is it Tramadol that your drinking like tonic water)


Bo ri diesel wan ma shana si, bo ri flakka, won ma shana si(When they see diesel they will put fire, when they see flakka they will put fire)

Bo ri lado wan ma shana si, kilode e de jebure nitori anobi(When they see diesel they will put fire,What is it, why don't you take it is easy because of the Prophet)

Ahah En compete pelu Sango ni, kilode t’eruku po to yi(Ahh are you competing with Sango, why is smoke this much?)

Eruku kunle o x2, bi pe mopo ti ju tear gas si nu le o(The house is filled with too much spoke, as if Mopol threw tear gas into the house)

Ore mi kiloshele gan gan, awon mo wobe ti yo lo kan(My friend what is the matter exactly, ghetto children are in front)

O de lo’n gbese le kan kan, bi pe ofe won monkey post fun UEFA cup(You are taking step, one by one as if you want to measure monkey post for UEFA cup)

Emo wolu, Eni ire lo, ore mi ti high, oh my God(Trouble has entered the city, a good person is gone,my friend is high, Oh my God)


Ko s’oro tush word ninu oro to wa’n le yi oloun( There is no refined word in this issue, i swear to God)

Ama fi were port anything te ba ti ba’n le ni, ema ta bi ayo(We use craziness to port anything we meet on ground, we play it like Ayo)

Oya, jedi nap e, ale nape, monkey tail nap e, skushis nap e, alomo a wan be(Jedi you take it, Ale you take it, Monkey tail you take it, Alomo is there too).

Kerewa pam eh( Kera you grab it), ogidiga pam eh( Ogidiga you grab it) bajinatu pam eh( Bajinatu you grab it)