A cyclist wielding a huge knife tried to attack a motorist after an accidental collision in broad daylight.

Dashcam footage has emerged showing the terrifying moment a young man ran after a Volkswagen Polo on a busy high street in Croydon, before trying to break through the driver’s side window with a massive blade.

The incident took place after the vehicle almost hit the cyclist while trying to pull out into traffic.

Apparently enraged at the near miss, the cyclist jumps off his bike and gives chase as the panicked driver, 19, careers into another car, bringing him to a halt.

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The man then pulls out a blade appearing to be more than 10 inches long typically used for survival or hunting purposes.

Brandishing the knife, he kicks the vehicle and slashes at the windows while the driver remains inside the vehicle.

The cyclist eventually manages to smash one of the windows, forcing the driver to flee the car.

The footage also appears to show two other boys run towards the scene, though there is no suggestion they knew either of the two.

No arrests have been made after the incident on Wednesday evening, Scotland Yard said.

The attack comes amid a knife crime epidemic in London that has so far claimed at least 37 lives this year.