"I am ashamed to be called a Bayelsan" screamed Miebi Anietei, after a robbery attack which claimed the life of a police officer.

Ms Anietei, a fruit seller and an indigene of Biogbolo community in Yenagoa Local Government Area of Bayelsa state, wept as she recounted how an innocent police officer without arms was gunned down by some group of armed robbers.

The incident, which took place over the weekend, has now triggered scare in the minds of business owners within the area.

The weather was windy. As people hurried home, others make last minute transactions.

By 8:42 p.m., sounds of gun shots and shouts of "Dem don come o!" startled residents of Biogbolo community. People ran helter-skelter.

The darkness could be touched with the hand, as the power holding company has held their light so tight. 

The environment was dark except for those whose electricity generators were on.

As people ran for cover, commercial drivers who were out for business, refused to pick nor drop passengers. Safety was more of their concern at this point. 

More gun shots were heard at Erepa axis. Confusion set in. Those who ran from Erepa towards Biogbolo, collided with those running from that area towards Erepa. None knew what was happening.

An eyewitness, who would not want his name mentioned, but was also eating in a restaurant when the commotion started, told Bounce News that some group of armed robbers started raiding shops at Erepa.

Unknown to them, another group from Biogbolo were also operating within the vicinity. Both groups, were members of two different secret cults.

They collided and abandoned the loot they had come for and engaged in a fierce supremacy fight. 

"A mopol (Mobile Police) officer who was eating in a restaurant with us, heard the commotion.

"As he went to find out what was happening, a bullet hit him.

"Immediately he fell and when we saw that everyone of us ran away," he said.

He urged security agents to tackle armed robbers before they would over run the state.

However, the police had a different story about what led to his death. 

A police source said the officer had held one of the criminals and had beckoned on people to come and join him in lynching the criminal, but everyone ran away. 

The criminal, according to the police source, raised alarm and other members of his gang showed up and shot the policeman.  

A Pharmacist who sells drugs with the location, explained that some group of boys between ages 14 - 19 approached him and requested for 11 packets of Tramadol.

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"I sensed danger and jovially told them that men from National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) raided my shop and took all the controlled drugs.

"They left after referring to me as a fool.

"I don't sell those drugs because, they can steal it from you at gun point," he told Bounce News

Meanwhile, the police spokesman, Mr Asinim Butswat, said the late officer was attached to the Joint Task Force (JTF).

He claimed he was killed accidentally. 

"It was a stray bullet that killed him. The bullet hit him while he was eating in a restaurant within Erepa axis.

"We suspect that the bullet might be from some bad boys," Mr Butswat stressed.

According to him, He said investigation is ongoing to unravel the cause of the shootout.

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