There is no limit to how much deceptive or creative the mind of a man can be. 

Was this just a scam or he was jut trying to create a replica of what was not available just for children?

A zookeeper in Egypt is now in trouble for allegedly faking a zebra. 

He painted a donkey and made it look like a zebra but there were obvious differences that people noticed and now he may face prosecution. 

Egyptian authorities have referred the zookeeper in Cairo to a public prosecutor for interrogation over allegedly having painted stripes on a donkey to make it look like a zebra, an official said on Thursday.

The zookeeper's woes started late last month, when a visitor to the government-owned International Garden municipal park in the eastern Cairo district of Nasr City posted a picture on Facebook, showing a donkey with smudges on its face.

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He may have not considered the unique features of both animals before taking the decision, as there were other features that gave his trick away. 

The animal also had long, pointed ears – unlike those of a zebra.

The picture soon caused a massive stir on social media, drawing an initial denial from authorities.

However, Mohammed Sultan, the head of Specialised Parks in Cairo, on Thursday accused the zookeeper of having painted the donkey to look like a zebra, purportedly to deceive visitors.

“The keeper, who leases the place, has tarnished the reputation of the park. Faking a zebra is an unacceptable act,” Sultan said.

“The administration of the park has notified the prosecution of the incident.”

Try again

Sultan added that the zoo authorities had also decided to terminate the lease contract with the suspect whom he did not name.

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