Has an Oracle robbed a human?

Agbeja Ifedapo 'Uwem, as he is popularly called on Twitter, has burnt his fingers because he trusted a social media friend who has now disappeared into thin air. 

Ah! Ah!! How could you have made such mistake? many will ask. 

But things happen and fraudsters are improving their games. 

They can now even afford to deactivate a Twitter account no matter the followers figure, after they have pooled some amount of money from different persons at the same time. 

Agbeja is accusing one Ayamolowo Ayobami of defrauding him 20,000 Naira and the accused has shut down his Twitter account, making it impossible for Agbeja to reach him.

He could no longer hold back the disappointment that he feels and he has brought the private discussion to the public and it is a warning for everyone. 

On Thursday, he wrote several comments on his Twitter page about the incident.

"Hey @Kush_Oracle I need my 20K back today. You asked for 3 days when I borrowed you the cash on the 27th of February. Today makes it 50 days.

"You left my DMs hanging since 26th of March but I see your tweet everyday on the TL

"A few days after ignoring my DM you were tweeting on how good your shoes are and uploading several pictures of yourself in fine shoe. @Kush_Oracle please sell one of those shoes and pay me back my 20k. 

"Thank you," he wrote. 

Explaining a little about their relationship before he offered him the money, he said: "I must add. I don't know him personally. We follow each other but we rarely have one on one conversations. He was desperate then, he even offered to pay 50% interest after the 3 days but I told him all I need back is just the money I borrowed him.

"I went an extra mile and reached out to the people he talks with here via Dm to help me talk to him but it turns out that they don't know him too personally. Was I wrong borrowing him money?

"Ignoring my DMs for over 20 days and tweeting everyday is a NO for me!!!"

After several days of wait, Agbeja's agony was further fuelled to fury. 

@Kush_Oracle deleted his account and left Twitter for good. Who knows how many persons fell for that trick and sent him money just like Agbeja. 

"So he has deleted his account ??????. I know he works in UBA. I saved up all his personal pictures he ever posted before I came on here. I will be posting his pictures soon."

After that tweet, Agbeja needed to provide at least a proof of their discussion, so, he shared a picture of a chat they had. 

"Kush I know you can see this. You deleted your account well done."

After Bounce News saw these comments on Twitter, we decided to dig deep a little.

A search for @KUsh_Oracle on twitter returned error and that truly showed that the individual's account no longer exists on Twitter. 

man leaves Twitter because of 20,000 Naira loan

We dashed to Google and searched for @Kush_Oracle and it returned some meaningful information about the person. 

The account was in existence and there were several tweets posted with the handle and then replies to the Twitter account and here is an image from the Google search. 

man leaves twitter because of 20k loan

There is no meaningful image of the individual but the police needs to do something about this one. 

Or is he an oracle (spirit) that had appeared with the face of a man on Twitter? 

It is a new scam in town and you should watch it when a friend that has moved from being a socual network friend to one you chat with on WhatsApp on a more intimate manner.

That could be part of the plan to gain your trust and then he will give you the bill (request fo a loan) - a popular slang amount scammers.