Celebrities globally, including our own Nollywood stars are aware that fans set up parody accounts to support them.

We are all equally aware that these accounts are most times set up by random persons looking to build large followership riding on popular figures.

We seem not to have a problem with that.

But here is a post on Facebook by a user posing as Nollywood star, Beverly Naya:

HAPPY NEW WEEK to all Nigerians and my fan out there.This is an opportunity to all my fan out there.Thank you so much for your love and care.Am giving out gift to all my fan and love ones out there ....May GOD continue to Bless you all for supporting me... I'm using this opportunity to say a very big thank you to all those who has been there for me since day one of my career and all those who supported me and again to all my beloved fans out there who showed me the best of love, i really appreciate.I want to say Thank you once more.am using this Wonderful opportunity to give out this GIFT to my Fan who love me so much.The first 70 people to like this is going away with (HP LAPTOP AND MODERN) May GOD continue to bless you all for your support and love you show to me all my life God bless you IJN..........This is courtesy of a BEVERLY NAYA'S FOUNDATION and supported by GLO and AMSTEL MALT...may GOD continue to bless you all...

Going by the unforgiveable grammatical errors, you can tell that this is not our well-spoken, England-raised Beverly Naya.

Nevertheless, Bounce News did some investigation and confirmed that the account is fake.

If you want to fake, at least fake well. Why gbagaun in the name of people who speak correct English?

One good thing about this Facebook post, however, is that it only targets engagement and possibly more followers, not deceiving unsuspecting fans into paying money.

It gets worrisome when posts like this are used for personal gains that could be damaging to the star they impersonate.


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