In the last few hours, there is this link that has been generously shared especially on WhatsApp about a supposed Canadian Visa Lottery.

Do not believe it, it’s a lie... a scam. The Canadian Deputy High Commissioner in Lagos says so.

Mr Lajos Arendas said in Lagos that his government has never been involved in any form of Visa Lottery programme, and that it is currently non-existent.

“This is false information. In fact, the U.S. used to have, and perhaps still do, but Canada does not have a visa lottery programme.

“As far as I know, it has never existed in Canada. At least, certainly not in my 24-year career.

“It looks like some people are spreading rumours, and these could be linked to a possible scam.

“The one thing you could tell the public is that you contacted me and I firmly stated that there is no such thing as a Canadian Visa Lottery,” he said.

He added that anything that does not exist in the High Commission’s Immigration Department website does not exist at all.


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