Timilehin Adeoye is a 12-year-old boy in Junior Secondary School 1.

He is currently lying critically ill at the University College Hospital (UCH) in Ibadan desperately hoping for divine help to enable him to undergo a surgery to save his life.

It all started with what seemed like a mere injury to the right arm and for a lively boy like Timilehin, the assumption was that he had overplayed and injured himself.

The hospital commenced treatment and Timi even had physiotherapy sessions, but his health deteriorated with his right arm and leg going numb, more like paralyzed.

An MRI scan was immediately recommended, and a mother’s worst fears were confirmed.

Timilehin has brain tumor. A major surgery was required, and the young boy has since been bedridden as things got worse.

Oyindamola Olabosinde is Timilehin’s mother and she is a single mom. She has had to bear the emotional and financial burden of Timi’s condition.

Help has come from few of her family members and good friends, but this can only go as far as current hospital bills.

Bounce News heard the mother’s cry and we went to Ibadan to visit Timilehin and his mother at UCH.

She told us how her thriving fashion business has since been shut down since she could no longer pay her staff. She has become a shadow of her beautiful self.

Looking good is the last thing on her mind, she just wants her son, her pride to live.

A minimum of five million naira is needed for the two stages of surgery in Nigeria and India but they have only managed to raise a fraction of the money.

Since infancy, Timi has been his mother’s best friend, and with her he has shared his dreams to be a great man and reward her for her love.

Asides being focused on his studies, he has also shown great promise with artistic skills, he loves to sing, and has been identified to be a promising drummer.

But all his dreams to be a successful man seem to be crashing down as his mother watches helplessly.

“Timilehin deserves to live. If the good people of Nigeria can just come up and help us with anything they have, anything can go a long way. No matter how little,” she said.

Will Nigerians watch this promising boy die? Please join us and let us together #SaveTimilehin.

Kindly send your support to this bank account which belongs to Timilehin’s mother: Zenith Bank 2080829218 (Oyindamola Olabosinde)

VIDEO - #SaveTimilehin: 12-Year-Old Boy With Brain Tumour Needs Help