The National Chairman of the All Progressive Congress (APC), Adams Oshiomole led a song that was filled with chants of ‘thief’ against the Senate President, Bukola Saraki a former member of the party until he defected back to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

During his speech at the APC presidential rally in Lokoja, capital of Kogi State, Oshiomhole appeared to be set on a lengthy dig at the PDP's presidential candidate Atiku Abubakar, only for him to switch to Saraki in a flash.

“I challenge Atiku Abubakar, the candidate of PDP. We will publish the record. In his election in 20011, Atiku lost in Adamawa; he lost all the three senatorial seats,” he began, before going on to explain how three senators lost an election in 2015 only for Atiku to insist otherwise.

“President Obasanjo called me; I was in Labour; I was the real opposition. And he said, ‘listen, now listen, o ti to (it is enough)… ole, ole (theft, theft) will kill you. My own comrade, I need you to say… because when they talk of rigging and manipulation, they are the sustenance of rigging.

“One of the losers wrote a congratulatory letter to the man who won, but because Atiku felt, how can he be Vice-President and he lost his own state, he paid N100 million each to those who won for them to accept defeat. That is how those who lost, they smuggled them into victory; those who won, they paid them to accept defeat.

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“Is that a man who will speak of honesty? Is that a man who can speak to integrity? Is that a man who can speak to character?

“Atiku wants to become Chairman of INEC, his Vice President wants to become Inspector General of Police. Their campaign Director-General is the man who presided over the liquidation of Societe Generale Bank after they had collected the deposits of very poor people - Bukola Saraki.”

At this point the crowd chanted ole (thief).

Oshiomhole joined in, saying: “Bukola Saraki, ole (thief).”

He then broke into a song during which he chanted “Bukola Saraki” and the crowd responded with “ole” (thief).

At some point, he mixed it with “PDP”, to which the crowd also responded with “ole” (thief)

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