Sanitation is a serious issue in Bayelsa State especially now that waste is almost spoiling businesses for some market women who sell near heaps that have been there for nearly one month.  

Students whose schools are close to waste dumpsites are finding it hard to concentrate and take classes.

Now, if you fail to do your part, the long arm of the law will catch you. This is what the government is saying. 

May 26 has become a day that some residents of Bayelsa State will not forget in a hurry. Over 60 of them are to face trial for different levels of crimes that border on their failure to keep their environment clean. 

It is the last Saturday of the moth and usually set aside by the government to enable individuals engage in sanitation.

To enforce the practice, Director of Drilling Unit, Mr Pereowei Eguruze and Controller Health and Cleanliness, Mr Steven Mondebo, led their teams on a drive around Yenagoa, the capital city.

The drive which commenced by 8:00 a.m. from Onopa Roundabout through Amarata, Ekeki, Tombia and ended at Edepie recorded a total number of 72 offenders' arrests.

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Among the arrested persons were 27 women, 42 men and three minors.

The minors were told to sweep the Sanitation office compound and then go home while the others were dragged to the Sanitation Court.

Depending on the charges against them, some will be granted bail ranging between the sum of 10,000 to 15,000 Naira while others will be sentenced to three weeks jail term in Okaka prison.

seized expired items in Bayelsa
Expired items seized by government officials

Mr Pereowei, noted that Bayelsa citizens had formed a habit of avoiding the exercise.

"Those who use sanitation days to play football should stop, as my team will not hesitate to arrest them when caught," he told reporters.

While on the monitoring exercise another set of offenders were arrested. 

They were people who sell expired items.

Mr Steven of Health and Cleanliness also advised the traders who sell expired goods to desist from such act.

He said: "These goods behind me are all expired goods that we intend to dispose off. It causes food poisoning once it expires.

"Nobody should sell this type to another person,' he warned.

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The government official further encouraged residents to come forward with any information that would assist in arresting people who deal on expired products.

waste in bayelsa state and concerns

Poor waste disposal attitude had resulted in increase in the heap of waste materials on the streets.

Recently, some concerns were raised about poor management of waste in the state which is creating a health risk situation for residents,.