The song “Sorry” has put rapper Nicki Minaj in some trouble and she might have a lot of sorry to say to folk legend, Tracy Chapman.

Minaj has been slammed with a lawsuit for copyright infringement by Chapman who alleges the song has the lyrics and vocal melody from her song "Baby, Can I Hold You" without permission.

In the suit, Chapman claims Minaj and her representatives began reaching out in June 2018 about using the song, but she denied their request, which was made after Minaj had recorded the song for her album "Queen".

"Sorry" was not included on Minaj’s album "Queen," which dropped in August, but the suit alleges that Minaj provided a copy of the song to a popular New York DJ at HOT 97, a hip-hop radio station.

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Chapman claims the DJ subsequently promoted the song's release on his social media channels and played it on air.

Chapman is suing for unspecified damages and wants to prevent Minaj from releasing "Sorry" commercially.

In 2005, Chapman shared her reservations about being sampled. “I’m not really a fan of it, especially if people do it without permission. It can work sometimes but at other times it may not be in line with the music that somebody may have come to appreciate from the original. I guess I’m protective,” she said.

Chapman’s last album was 2008’s Our Bright Future and during her career she won four Grammys, including best new artist and best rock song.

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