Eman Ahmed Abd El Aty, as a child she was diagnosed with elephantiasis, a condition that causes the limbs and other body parts to swell, leaving her almost immobile.

She had not left her house in more than two decades and weighed around 500 kilograms (1,100 pounds).

In her mid-30s, she first sought treatment in India, travelling from the port city of Alexandria to Mumbai aboard a specially modified Airbus in early February.

A team of more than 20 doctors had been caring for El Aty since her arrival at Burjeel Hospital in May.

Her request for an Indian visa was initially denied, but she was granted passage after tweeting a plea for help directly to India’s foreign minister, who intervened. 

She underwent bariatric surgery — a stomach-shrinking bypass procedure — the following month, initially shedding 100 kilograms at Saifee Hospital. 

By the time she left Mumbai, doctors said El Aty had lost more than half her original weight.

El Aty celebrated her birthday last month with her family and doctors by her side.

Sadly, she succumbed to the cold hands of death.


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