Between April and June this year, a total of 2,608 road accidents occurred within Nigeria.

This is according to the report obtained by Bounce News from the Nigeria Bureau of Statistics on Tuesday, August 28th.

And the report is based on accidents that were reported to the relevant authorities within the period.

The breakdown of the report revealed that the major cause of the accidents is over speeding. In fact, the report blamed more than half of the accidents, 50.65% of the total crashes on over speeding.

The report also identified tyre burst and dangerous driving as following closely, as they both accounted for 8.59% and 8.40% of the total road crashes recorded.

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Meanwhile, a total of 8,437 Nigerians got injured in the road traffic crashes recorded. 7,946 of the 8,437 Nigerians that got injured; representing 94% of the figure, are adults, while the remaining 491 Nigerians, representing 6% of the figure are children.

6,415 male Nigerians, representing 76%, got injured in road crashes within the period while 2,022 female Nigerians, representing 24% got injured.

But not everyone was lucky to have escaped with injury. In fact, the report reveals that a total of 1,331 Nigerians got killed in the road traffic crashes recorded within the period.

Out of the number that got killed, 1,257, representing 94% of the figure, are adults while the remaining 74 Nigerians, representing 6% of the figure are children.

In the same vein, out of the total number that got killed, 1,047 are male Nigerians, representing 79%, while 284 Nigerians, representing 21% are females.

Beware! Speed kills. Drive carefully.

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