It appears another fatal error by the Nigerian Air Force has been recorded.

Amnesty International is alleging that the Air Force killed at least 35 people when it conducted attacks on some villages in Adamawa.

This happened since December, but it is just coming to light.

Residents of the villages described being fired upon by a fighter jet and military helicopter as they attempted to flee, at the same time as hundreds of herdsmen took part in a revenge attack on the communities for earlier killings, Amnesty said.

“Launching air raids is not a legitimate law enforcement method by anyone’s standard,” said Osai Ojigho, Amnesty’s Country Director for Nigeria, in a report released by Amnesty on Tuesday.

“Such reckless use of deadly force is unlawful, outrageous and lays bare the Nigerian military’s shocking disregard for the lives of those it supposedly exists to protect,” she said.

The report is the latest challenge to the military on human rights and the attacks suggest a deadly crisis between herders and farmers is spiraling out of the Nigerian government's control.

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But what do the Air Force authorities have to say about this grave allegation?

Air Force spokesman Olatokunbo Adesanya denied it had bombed any locations in the region or fired shots targeting people, saying it had only opened fire to dissuade looters and vandals.

Adesanya said he is unaware of any human casualties.

But Amnesty was insistent that on December 4, 2017 Nigeria Air Force fighter jets fired rockets at villages to deter communal clashes as a cycle of violence and revenge attacks gripped Adamawa state.

“The helicopter and the jet started releasing bombs. Houses started burning. Children started running for their lives,” an unnamed farmer from the village of Shafaron told Amnesty.

The report described the “devastating cumulative effect of the herders and Air Force attacks, with at least eight villages heavily damaged or completely destroyed by fire.”

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