Last year, Indonesian authorities executed a Nigerian man named Humphrey Jefferson.

Jefferson had been convicted over alleged drug trafficking related offences and was sentenced to death in 2004.

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But an official at the office of public defender in Indonesia has dug up evidence showing that Jefferson may have been hastily executed by the authorities.

According to an official of the ombudsman, some evidence of rights violation in the execution have been unearthed.

The official, Niki Rahayu, who is overseeing the case, said Jefferson was still seeking clemency from President Joko Widodo at the time of his execution.

This means he still has a chance of being pardoned.

Jefferson, sentenced at the time of his execution in 2016 was seeking a second judicial review of his case by the Supreme Court.

However, his request was denied by the Central Jakarta court without proper explanation, Rahayu said, in what she described as maladministration.

If the court had taken on Jefferson’s case, his execution would have had to be delayed until its final verdict.

“When one is given the death penalty, all of the procedures must be done according to the laws,” Rahayu told reporters at her office.

“The rights of the person must be fully met before his sentence is carried out. You can’t bring back the dead to life,” she added.

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