The way innocent Nigerians get killed in the hands of those that should protect them for crimes they know nothing of is one of the major reasons young people are losing faith in the country.

Hannah Olugbodi is another victim of the alleged brutality meted out by men who claim to be operatives of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS).

Wednesday, June 6, 2018, was wrapping up like another good day for the family of four, as they all returned home safely from their daily hustle in her husband’s car which he uses as a taxi.

Little did they know that these men called FSARS would be the evil to visit them in their own domain and cause them pain and anguish.

The young woman only stepped out to the street within her neighbourhood to buy food for her family but she ended up being hit by a bullet that shattered her leg.

Hannah’s husband, Seun Olugbodi, walked into Bounce News office on Friday morning to narrate his predicament and with stress written all over his face, one could tell he hadn’t been sleeping well.

According to him, his wife’s assailants arrived Ijesha area of Lagos in a commercial bus with no registration number, supposedly on a mission to one hotel where they engaged young people they said were suspected cultists.

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“I was told they came that day and met some set of guys that had tattoo on their body and are said to be into cultism.

“They wanted to get them arrested but they had a misunderstanding and that was what caused the problem and the boys met them with trouble and they started shooting.

“They started shooting to make a way for themselves to escape. They were shooting straight and not up and that was how the stray bullet entered into my wife’s leg.”

This was the account eyewitnesses gave Mr Olugbodi when they rushed to his house to tell him of the tragedy that had just befallen his wife.

All the while, he had been waiting at home with their two kids for Mommy to return with pepper and vegetables for them to prepare dinner.

“I rushed down to the next street beside mine which is Eshinlokun Junction and I saw my wife on the floor with people gathered and a lot of blood,” he narrated to Bounce News.

The story of how three different hospitals refused to attend to Hannah that night despite the massive loss of blood is another sad part of her already pathetic story. This is regardless of the law that mandates hospitals to treat victims of gun-shots without police report.

She eventually found help at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) where she has been till the time of this publication.

For a cab driver who has been unable to work, how would he raise money for his wife’s expensive surgeries at LUTH? This is Mr Olugbodi’s biggest problem.

He has presented his case at the Lagos ministry of health, hoping to get help from the government but in a country where it is a crime to be a nobody, we can only hope help comes in time to save Hannah.

One more thing Olugbodi wants is justice. To see the men who did this evil brought to book is justice for Hannah and all Nigerians.

He is sure whoever fired the shot meant to hurt innocent people. Otherwise, why should anyone point his gun at people in a densely populated area like Ijesha?

“The doctor told me that if the bullet had hit something before hitting my wife it would have been weak but because it came direct, that is why it condemned the leg,” he said angrily.

“I want them to pay me for all I have spent because I cannot cope again. There is no job and the work that I am doing to make little amounts is suspended as I am not able to work again with my wife in LUTH,” he lamented.

While compensation will greatly help, we realise no amount of money or apology can make this family have the life they used to have.

This is because the mother of the house may live the rest of her life limping or needing walking aid as the doctors have revealed that the shattered part of her bone is irreparable, and they would have to cut.

While we approach the police authorities to get their side of the story, this is the sad story of Hannah Olugbodi. Will she get justice? 

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