It was weekend and Lizzy Komolafe did not have to be in school, but she had been taking weekend lessons in preparation for her junior secondary school exam.

She was to attend the Saturday lesson afternoon at the Gateway Model School in Ilo-Ijesa.

Her father, Mr Collins Komolafe was to take her but needed to quickly use the toilet. So, he asked Lizzy to wait for him and spend the waiting time to also have her meal of noodles.

Like one destined for her end, she refused the father’s plan saying she was already late for lesson.

Then came around a neighbour, Mrs Ojo who was also on her way out. Lizzy decided to ride with her.

When Mrs Ojo got to the school, she pulled over and tried helping Lizzy to stop oncoming vehicles to enable her to cross the highway into the school compound.

Again, Lizzy refused and said she would cross the road herself. So, Mrs Ojo left the 13-year-old girl in front of the school.

As she ran to cross the road, her slippers cut, she wanted to pick the slippers, but she panicked, and fell down.

Too late to get back on her feet, an oncoming vehicle on the Ijebu-jesa road crashed into her tiny body and left her head scattered.

The family has been mourning. Neighbours and classmates cannot stop talking about the loss of such an intelligent girl.

Her father was the principal of a popular school in ilesa now is a pastor at Foursquare Church in Ilo Ijesa.

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